Classical Massage

The Classical massage is one of the best-known therapies with a general relaxing effect. It can solve many physical complaints and has a reflex effect on the vegetative nervous system.

The effect of the classical massage is manifold:

  • Release of tensions, hard tensions and myogeloses
  • Dissolution of adhesions and scars
  • Pain relief
  • Mental relaxation, reduction of stress
  • Improvement of cell metabolism in the tissue
  • Stimulation of blood circulation of muscles and fasciae
  • Reflective effect on the organs
  • Enhancement of well-being

Since I regularly take part in continuing education, effective methods and grips from other forms of therapy - for example Dr. Michel Strohauer’s/Germany energetic osteopathy, elements from the fascial and connective tissue massage or from the foot reflex zones massages etc. - also flow into my work.

I am happily available for classical massage appointments in Vienna.

Emanuel Prohaska

+43 664 914 30 88

About 50 minutes: € 60,-
About 30 minutes: € 35,-

While I am working I do not answer the phone - I will reply as soon as possible if you leave me a message, send an SMS or write an e-mail with your request.

If you are not able to keep your agreed appointment, please let me know as soon as possible - at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, the missed appointment will be charged.

I expressly draw your attention to the fact that my treatments do not replace any medical or physiotherapeutic care.

Vouchers are available for the value of your choice or for a specific treatment period and they make wonderful gifts. Please contact me.